Write a research question dealing with an area of comparative politics. CPJS Style Format.


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1. Research question (10 points)
Write a research question dealing with an area of comparative politics.
Better answers will (i) be about comparative politics (ii) ask an interesting question.
2. Background (30 points)
Find 3 academic sources that help with answering the question above. Provide the
bibliographic citations in CJPS style (httpss://www.cpsaacsp.
ca/pdfs/Editorial%20Style%20Guidelines%202008.pdf), and write 2-3
paragraphs discussing how these 3 sources help answer your question.
Better answers will synthesize the 3 sources rather than simply summarize them in sequence.

3. Hypothesis (20 points)
Write a hypothesis. Defend your choice.
Better hypotheses will contain a causal argument. Better defenses will link the hypothesis to
the research question and the background research.
4. Case selection (20 points)
Choose the cases you want to analyze in this assignment. Defend your choices.
The specific choices of the cases don’t matter too much. Better defenses will consider the cases themselves (whether or not they are appropriate to the question), the number of cases and the relationship of the cases to the comparative method.
5. Data source (20 points)
Identify where you are going to find the data (it has to be a real source). Give the
citation. Justify why this source is appropriate.
Better answers here will have chosen appropriate data sources and justified their selection.

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