Write a portfolio about one organisation from the list

Topic: Write a portfolio about one organisation from the list

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The assessment strategy for this module is for students to provide a portfolio of work that demonstrates their development of appropriate skills through the module. Since there is no written examination in this module, the three tasks cover all the learning outcomes of the module.
Students should choose ONE organisation from the list below and answer the questions that follow:
· Sainsbury’s
· John Lewis
· Barclays Bank
The portfolio of work consists of three tasks. All the three tasks carry equal marks (30% each). Conclusion and recommendations carry 5%. Structure, Presentation, Language, Grammar and referencing carry 5%.
Word count can be within +/-10% of each task word count.
TASK 1 – 30%
PEST analysis is a strategic tool that can be used to analyse the external business environment of the organisation. Providing the examples, discuss how a company’s competitiveness can be influenced by the changes in any THREE of following external business environmental factors:
· Political
· Economic
· Socio-cultural · Technological
TASK 2 – 30%
(500 words)
Satisfying customer needs and wants is fundamental to business that is achieved by producing the goods/services they need. In the light of the above statement, you are expected to answer the following questions:
a. Briefly outline the key business operation of the chosen organisation. For example, the business operation can be retail, banking, media and so on.
(100 words)
b. Describe the way in which your chosen company is offering a better customer experience than its competitors. You should identify and discuss any TWO areas of the following:
· Customer service

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