Women in the Ancient World


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In the ancient world, women had no rights. They were not considered as important as men, were not respected, had no power, were not educated, and played no important role in society. Is this statement accurate? Is it inaccurate? Are some parts of it true but not others?
You must base your paper solely on the assigned (short) primary sources. Do not use other parts of your textbook or any other sources
When using the primary sources, make sure that you use the actual source. The introductory material (in different font) is not a primary source. You should read it; it will help you to understand the primary sources. However, do not reference information from the introductory material in your paper.
Your conclusions must be based on the evidence in the primary sources. Do not make assumptions. Provide evidence from the primary sources to support your statements. If you do not do this, the reader will have no reason to believe that what you are saying is accurate. Without evidence to support a conclusion, you are just guessing, and historians rely on facts not guesses.
Do not ignore contradictory evidence. Incorporate it into your paper. History is complex.
Do not include any quotations in your paper. This paper must be written entirely in your own words.
Provide in-text citations to indicate which primary sources the information that you used case from. The citations must be in MLA format. Include a Works Cited page


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