What is the difference between work teams and quality circles?

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CH 2
1. What is the difference between work teams and quality circles?
2. Compare centralization and decentralization.
3. Which span of control results in a tall organization? A flat organization?
4. Should a first-line manager delegate more or less responsibility than a top manager? Explain your answer.
5. List the principal functions of each major department of a full- service hotel.
6. A customer notifies the front desk that a table in her room has a broken leg and that when she set her room service tray on it, it tipped over and scattered the food on the floor. List the depart- ments to which this information must be conveyed and the actions they must take.

CH 9
1. Describe the short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term demands on a general manager’s time.
2. If you were directed to prepare a briefing for your hotel’s general manager about TQM, what would
you say?
3. You have been assigned the task of training hotel managers in communication strategies; prepare an
outline of your course.
4. What is peak performance? How does it relate to discretionary effort?


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