What is Nursing?

What is Nursing?
A nurse is a person who has been formally educated to treat and take care of sick and injured people. There are several fields that a nurse can specialize in. There are nurses that handle older people in places like nursing homes. They mostly help the older people with basic tasks they can’t handle any more like bathing, using the bathroom, and taking their medicine. There are nurses that deal with only babies. Some of those nurses may take care and clean up babies that have just been born. (Santiago pg. 1)
Some of those same kinds of nurses may help the babies with deformities, sicknesses, or diseases that need a more specialized nurse to do. There is a kind of nurse that just monitors pregnant women. They basically educate women on what they should do or stay away from while they are pregnant. They will do monthly checkups to see how well they are handling there pregnancy. There are many different kinds of nursing that deal with different kinds of sicknesses and injuries. (Santiago pg. 1)
Levels of Nursing
There are four main nursing roles you can become. The…




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