Volkswagen (VW) is among the world leading companies

Volkswagen (VW) is among the world leading companies that are involved in the production of automobiles especially vehicles. Volkswagen has its headquarters in Germany and has consistently focused on producing environment friendly diesel-driven automobiles. However, the recent studies carried out by non-governmental organizations revealed that Volkswagen automobiles are among the leading environment pollutants with their consumption of diesel. The results indicated that the breakdown of the diesel by the automobiles is resulting to increased emission of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. These claims of air pollution have tainted the image of Volkswagen Company which attracted the attention of many consumers who reacted by turning against the organization due to its ill motives.

Volkswagen Group has consistently focused on creating engines that produce minimum pollutants to the environment. The policy of the company is to continually produce diesel engines that emit lowest levels of greenhouse gasses such as carbon monoxide. The reports released on environmental hazards posed by the manufacturing activities of the company have shocked the world. Initially, the consumers of the Volkswagen group have believed that the company has been producing environmentally friendly automobiles but the recent studies have showed the variance in the beliefs of the organization. Since, the reports of increased levels of pollution by the diesel automobile…



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