Virtual Reality and Nursing

The intention of virtual reality is to help the user relate, assess, as well as manipulate the environment, which is computer generated (Weiss, and Jessel, 1998). The practice and use of computerized capability is swiftly increasing in nursing school and in healthcare. An evolving computer technology tactic for nursing learning is the application of virtual reality simulation. This computer built three dimensional information tool mimics patients in real life in a safe environment, allowing recurring rehearsal sessions, it involves clinical assessment, and it helps students discover different situations among patients, and it also offers immediate response. This is also an effort to keep costs down and keep education more “realistic”. Students who practice various strategies by use of virtual reality simulation portray a wide range of learning experiences.
According to Carol Kilmon, Leonard Brown, Sumit Gosh, and Arthur Mikitiuk, students are the sample scopes. The application of computers to train nursing students is at a crossroad since clinical presentation and capabil…




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