Use of lie tests as a hiring tool and evidence in court

Lie tests is a technique of testing deception by using questioning along with technology that records the physiological functions to ascertain truth and falsehood in response. It is a system that has proven success especially in the court of law despite its nature of lacking a scientific base of facts to support its stature. The ability to merge this system with technology has born some measure of progress in situations of discriminating lying from truth telling at rates. Detection of deception is possible since the emotional response of the people under assessment is quite revealing for instance, anxiety can impact the data (Manes, 1998). The lie detection tests can be used to provide results to an average measure to support the physical evidence since arguments cannot entirely be based on the system.

Lie detection method uses a wide variety of technologies to get the best output results and provide countermeasures through improvement of transparency of the institutions. The applicability of use of polygraph in examination of people so as to intercept evidence has provided admissible results through use of voice stress to identify emotional stress, nervousness and anxiety. During a research case study, the voice stress analysis (VSA) was used to detect the stress associated with criminal activities during interrogation and revealed high percentage of similar results (Chapman 2012). In particular, the most considerable stress levels were detected during the investigation of murder, sexual crimes and grand larceny…



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