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1.      Go to the  website () and read the article on Juvenile Drug Court programs.  Write a narrative one page in length answering the following questions: What are juvenile drug courts?  What are the goals of juvenile drug courts?  What are the key elements of a juvenile drug court program?
2.      Perform the following tasks and write a narrative that is at least two pages in length.
Step 1: Conduct research about youth gangs in your local area.  If your local community does not have a gang problem, you can identify a different community close to you.
Step 2: Explain the following about youth gangs:
o    How youth gangs have changed in last decades.
o    The statistics of gangs in the United States and in your local area.
o    Important facts about the structure of youth gangs.
o    Stages of gang development in communities.
o    What communities can do to prevent and control gangs.


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