Twenty Years at Hull House by Jane Adams and Up From Slavery by Booker T Washington


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You are to write an essay of 8-10 pages on one of the following questions. You may write more if you wish, but less will not be accepted. The purpose of the examination is to allow you to demonstrate your mastery of the assigned materials. Thus, short of a major factual error, or errors, there is no one correct answer for each question. Rather there is a range of good answers. Please be specific and persuasive in your use of evidence and examples.
These are the questions (choose one to answer for the whole essay):
1. In the Atlanta address and in subsequent remarks, Booker T. Washington proposed an answer to the South’s “race question.” In Twenty Years at Hull House Jane Adams discussed answers to the “social question.” How did Washington and Adams appeal to the American value of the equality? How did they try to redefine this value and adapt it to new circumstances?

2. At the Tuskegee Institute and at Hull House, Booker T Washington and Jane Adams sought institutional as well as individual solutions to social and economic problems. Based upon your reading of Up From Slavery and Twenty Years at Hull House please compare the practices of these institutions and the values that they sought to promote.
3. While Booker T Washington was among the most celebrated exponents of the American creed of the “self made man” Jane Adams was somewhat skeptical about such appeals. How, for Washington, Could self -reliance and self improvement lift the freedmen “up from slaver?” Why, for Adams did the immigrants and the urban poor need help from her and other Hull House residents? Why was the message of “self reliance” not immediately applicable to the circumstances and conditions in Chicago?
When using direct quotes from the texts and required/ recommended websites, please include references (footnotes or endnotes; any standard academic format). Your essay must be typed (double spaced, standard margins, numbered pages).


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