Thematic Analysis on Why Students Join University

While interviewing a student from the University of Brighton, I focused on finding the reasons that influence the students’ decision to join the University. The choice of interviewing one student is to establish a general perception that motivates students to seek an academic education. My main area of interest was the motivations and actual relevance of pursuing university level of education primarily on the viewpoint of functionalist theory. This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the themes arising from the interview, the positions of the questionnaire and the methodology used in the process. The results of the interview have been analyzed by themes arising from the process regarding the socio-cultural, economic and political perspectives on university education.

Theoretical position

The research questions were designed for a semi-structured interview, whereby the conversation was intended to be open-ended. These issues would allow the interviewee to expound on the answers they were giving while responding to the set questions. In this particular case, it is important to note that the questions were prepared with the chief objective of identifying the influencing forces that make students join university. Hence, the questions specifically targeted the social, economic and political perspectives as they are aligned with the functionalist theory. The theory focuses on attending university as aligned in the society’s mainstream of building on values, self-development, gaining competitiveness and becoming better citizens. The questions aimed at establishing the influence of university on individuals’ personalities, career performance, impact on the society and acquisition of normative values in economic and political systems….



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