The Use of Lethal Force by Law Enforcers

The police officers are a group of society members who are tasked with maintaining law and order. Maintaining order involves the roles such as stopping crime, regaining control of rowdy groups, enhancing the safety of the citizens, investigating criminal activities and bringing the culprits to justice. While in the line of duty the law enforcement officers are expected to uphold a code of ethics. This code of ethics ensures that they maintain the decent reputation of the police by leading the citizens in respecting the law as dictated by the constitution. The police officers can abuse the human rights in the instance where they use the power bestowed on them excessively while apprehending suspects. When the police officers’ activities inflict physical harm on the people in the name of maintaining law and order, such an act can be viewed as an offense to the human dignity. The objective reasonableness of excessive force used by the law enforcers is founded on beliefs that officers are well-trained and are experienced in handling crime hence the level of force applied to comprehending criminals should be optimal unless when it poses immediate harm to the police and other people in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

Explanation on use of lethal force

The revolution of fighting crime in the United States dates back in the 1920s when Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was created to fight increased criminal activities that had become prevalent (Elliff, 2015). Edger Hoover helped establish an organization that later shaped the standards for the law enforcement profession whereby intelligence was used to acquire information about the criminals and their illegal activities. However, the standard rule provided the law enforcers with most privileges over the civilians and with time they started abusing power by victimization and incriminating suspects which consequently tarnished the image of the police. The vulnerability of the ordinary civilians to excessive force by the law enforcers has continually led to enhancement of reforms in the system of criminal justice. The need for change resulted in issuing of warrant arrests for suspects, regulation on procedures for countering crime and scrutinized handling of the criminals. The limitations stipulated by the American law enforcement helped establish protection of the people from the brutality of the police officers.

The assessment of the incident within a split second is a consideration of the court when determining the objective reasonableness of the officer. The police officers level of control has to be in line with the gravity of the situation at hand…



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