The U.K Media Outlets on the Germany Refugee Crisis

The U.K Media Outlets on the Germany Refugee Crisis

Last year during the summer period, Germany took up the challenge of receiving and hosting refugees who exceeded a million in number. Most of them had fled from Iraq and Syria. The idea was approved by several political leaders such as Chancellor Angela Merkel. The move also seemed a high degree of hospitality and tolerance among the citizens.

However, the mood turned sour as we approached the end of the year. The number of refugees flocking into the country went so high that the citizens raised questions as to why the influx was allowed. They also sought explanations from Merkel as to when the refugees were going to stop. The influx had increased the population so high that people would struggle for basic amenities. There was also the issue of how the different cultures would be absorbed peacefully without causing clashes.

The crisis that set in the country was reported by various media outlets in the world. Most of the reporters view the action taken by Merkel as political. As such, they took a political stand even as they reported the news of the crisis. There were also issues such as sexual harassment that were reported German women by some of the asylum seekers…



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