The True Meaning of Nursing Leadership

The True Meaning of Nursing Leadership
By understanding the differences between the broad spectrums of leadership and the underlying styles that can be used to better facilitate the care setting; we can comprehend what nursing leadership truly is. Through the comparison of clinical and nursing leadership we can better distinguish what really makes up nursing leadership and the specific leadership styles that facilitate these types of leadership. Through personal accounts and research, these forms of leadership will be displayed and broken down and the importance for without it “there will be no order, only chaos” (Robertson, n.d.)
To fully understand what nursing leadership is you first need to understand what it isn’t, and the distinct line that separates it from clinical leadership. Clinical leadership has recently begun to emerge from the confusion of being interchangeably used with the terms “nursing leadership” and “nurse manager” (Stanley & Sherratt, 2010). These terms are often referred to as the same thing, and sadly this thought process has often been adopted when thi…



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