The Success of Micro Finance in Pakistan

As found by Hartangi (2007) that success of Micro finance depends upon the practices of that specific bank, which finance poor people, by quoting and example of BRI (Bank Rakyat, Indonesia) researcher says that they provide technical and moral support to the people they lend money, and make sure they do good, they also choose different collaterals like motorcycle, cars, cattle, and land etc to secure their loan yet making collateral stronger incase the client fails to repay and credits interesting for lower class community. Beside this, Risk management, internal audit, financial procedures, transparent system, dedicated staff, and clear incentives to staff and clients are the factors which contribute toward the successful lending of micro finances. Obamuyi (2009) says that poor credit culture and low risk management can result in low rate of return, which finally ends with the failure of the scheme. The risk of low rate of return can also be minimized by the assistance provided by the MFIs to develop the small business of clients (Zelealem, Temtime, & Shunda, 2003)….




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