The Significance of the Holocaust

The Holocaust is an atrocity against humankind that refers to the action of extermination of about six million Jews by the Nazi in Europe before World War II. Holocaust was fueled by the political influence of Adolf Hitler, the then president of Germany, on the basis of proving Nazi racial superiority. Between 1841and 1845, the Nazi executed 6 million Jews, 250,000 physically and mentally ill and thousands of Gypsies. The sole purpose was to prove racial superiority of the Nazis, Aryans, and the act came to be known as Aryanization (Landau 15). The study of the Holocaust in the contemporary world is in several cases encouraged for study in school. The historical events are emphasized to teach the people on the importance of upholding moral values, respect for human rights and human behavior (Staub 506). The significance of studying the Holocaust to the learners is to create awareness of historical incidents and their contribution to the collapse of moral values and consequently develop an understanding of these values in their daily lives.

The Holocaust has helped to create an awareness of some of the trivial injustices that have happened to the society in the past and as a result, help lays emphasis on the need for social justice. The fight for human civil rights has experienced rough path in different society contexts until democracy has been established. The Holocaust happened in one of the civilized nations in the world, meaning that a loophole in leadership can easily result in inter-community conflicts (Landau 15). The need for peace, unity and justice can be understood comprehensively by reflecting on the instances where atrocities against people have been inflicted. The case of Holocaust shows an almost similar instance of the Rwanda Genocide, in which the people were incited to rise against fellow citizens on the basis of their race and ethnicity differences respectively. By understanding the consequences of breaching moral values of society, the citizens are more enlightened on the importance of supporting democracy and respecting human rights….



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