The Role of Nursing In The Global Community

Like all professions and disciplines, nursing is influenced by, and must respond to global trends needs, challenges, and opportunities. These strategies will influence and shape the future of the nursing community and health care nationally and internationally. Also in a global committee health care exhibit problems some of which are political, educational, educational, nursing , environment and social issues. Therefore, improving and achieving health in a global community is of great concern to the nursing profession. Hence, “health and healing varies across countries and culture, the pursuit of healthy individuals and communities is a universal goal” (Jacobsen, 2008, p. 1). Nurses can be advocate, educator, counselor as well as an advocate to this society.
With advanced technology, nursing is more connected and interdependent. The nursing professional unit is able to lobby to both local and international community organizations on behalf of the African community from anywhere in the world. Funding and education are necessary for this well needed community in order to assist …




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