The principles and processes of financial planning


Task 1   Produce a report in which you address the following:
·         Explanation of the processes involved in establishing cost and profit input and output within business applications
·         Description of variables related to cost and profit margins and how these variables are monitored and controlled
·         Outlining of breakeven analysis processes related to business objectives and applications
·         Evaluation of breakeven analysis identifying and discussing strengths and weaknesses using examples
·         Explanation of the aims, objectives and processes of budgeting for business applications and context
·         Description of types of budgets and their relevance to specific business contexts
·         Discussion relating to budgetary responsibility within a business and what the responsibility entails

Task 2   Write about the following:
·         How cash flow forecast is constructed and relate the construction to aims and objectives
·         Discussion about the benefits of cash flow forecasts relating to business applications objectives and financial planning
·         Demonstration by construction of an example cash flow forecast for a hypothetical business, how it can be used effectively as a planning tool in business application.


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