The Joys of Finance

How might finance help to cure depression? This may look like an absurd question at the first sight, but it happens to me that the logic behind finance actually aids me to treat my depression. I used to be a perfectionist who tries to take the very control of my future, and could not tolerate any tiny failure. Although I performed well in most cases, I always paid more attention to what I did not achieve. Meeting with psychotherapists did not treat my depression well because those sentimental psychological theories could hardly persuade me until I come across finance, whose rough numbers and rational logic are much more convincing to me. The most impressive example is the concept of Sunk Cost. It taught me that whatever I failed to achieve in the past, it should no longer worry me and I should focus on current conditions and make wise decisions as possible from the very moment on. Other concepts such as NPV also provide me with brand new perspectives to see my life in a more optimistic way. Finance becomes more interesting when I am able to see beyond finance itself. By linking fin…




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