The Fundamentals of Nursing

In this research paper, I plan to discuss the background of nurses, the different professions they work, and the salaries of an LPN and Registered Nurse.

Nurses work in a variety of specialties where they work independently and as part of a team of assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. Nursing comes in various forms in culture, although the definition of the term and the practice of nursing has being known as wet nurse and latter being known as dry nurse. In the 15th century, this developed into the idea of looking after or advising another, not necessarily meaning a woman looking after a child. Nursing has continues to developed in the latter sense, although the idea of nourishing in the broadest sense refers in modern nursing to promoting quality of life(wikipedia.org). Nurses play a big role in our society today. They come as an aid to the sick, poor, and injured.
In order to become a nurse, one must attend schooling and training. Sue Delaune and Patricia Ladner stated in the book Fundamentals of Nursing(2002),that Registered Nurse candidates …





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