The Effect of Political Unrest on Tourism in Cairo


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We will have a final, comprehensive exam. The exam will be an essay question that incorporates the information in your Tourism Bibliography as well as the information in your textbook and research assignments. This is an open book, open note exam.
(( you should write from what you wrote for me before from my topic and the questions and supporting ideas and using the book and the sources you find for me ))
book/ Hall, C. Michael and Alan A. Lew. 2009. Understanding and Managing Tourism Impacts: An Integrated Approach. New York: Routledge (ISBN: 9780415771337).
topic : The Effect of Political Unrest on Tourism in Cairo The research question to guide the research proposal will be as follows:
• How does tourism depend on the political climate of the country? Supporting ideas
* The movement of people from one geographical location to another for pleasure is partly influenced by climatic changes. Tourism’s consist of two broad categories. The first category of tourism is the local or domestic tourism while the second category is the international tourism. The two types of tourism are all-important to the country, and create a need to improve the sector because of the contribution it makes to the economy. People come from overseas countries in Europe and Asia, and they seem to be attracted to various tourist destinations in Cairo. It is therefore critical to understand the climatic aspects in the destinations and the number of tourists who visit at different times of the year.
* The world has many tourism destinations that offer a wide array of different things to see. People visit the places of interest and others out of curiosity. Egypt has been a major tourist attraction country and people from different parts of the world visit it to see the famous pyramids. Research is therefore needed to find out some of the reasons that attract tourists to specific sites in Cairo.
* Egypt over the years has attracted many tourists who visit the country to view its rich history, and to experience the favorable climate. In the last three years, the level of tourist visiting Egypt has been on a steady decline. The research proposal will investigate whether or not this occurred due to climatic changes.
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Rubric for the Final Exam:
At least 1500 words: 30 points
Thesis statement that connects bibliography topic with course theme (this theme can come from the insight papers and/or the textbook): 20 points
2 sources cited at the end of the essay in a standard citation format: 30 points
Clarity and insightfulness: 20 points


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