The Contribution of the Latina Voice: Julia Alvarez

Julia Alvarez originated from a Dominican American background, from which she used her experiences as an immigrant to write novels and short stories. In addition, Alvarez wrote about her experiences from the Dominican Republic and the United States, which provided her with over twenty works of literature. By writing over twenty literature works, Alvarez established herself as an inspiration and a contribution to American Literature. In short, Alvarez used her Dominican American background and experiences to write her books that all dedicated to the Latina voice in American Literature.
Around the time of Trujillo’s dictatorship, specifically on March 27, 1950, a little Dominican girl, named Julia Alvarez, was born in New York. At three months, Julia and her family moved to the Dominican Republic, where she spent most of her childhood. While growing up, Julia lived with her mother’s rich, large, and traditional extended family, in which the men worked and the women stayed home. Julia’s childhood, even though living in the Dominican Republic, was surrounded by American culture in which…





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