The Analysis of McDonaldization of Higher Education through Social Theories

McDonaldization is a term that was invented by George Ritzer to explain the sociological trends in the society. It is a process that involves the rationalization of ways of doing things with the aim of attaining a streamlined culture of efficiency, calculability, control and predictability (Ritzer, 2011).  The higher education system is gradually embracing the McDonaldization theory in ways discussed in this paper. McDonaldization poses its advantages and disadvantages, and thus one may or may not decide to adopt a fast food culture whereby everything is done in uniformity, quantity is more viable than quality and time is more relevant than the provision of high-quality services. Two sociology theorists, Karl Marx, and Max Weber, analyzed the behavior patterns in the society through different models that share some similarities while to some extent they differ in various ways. This research paper will analyze the Weber’s and Marx’s theories to create an understanding of McDonaldization of higher education…



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