Team Communications Report


Team work is now an essential skill each professional must have.  This report examines my efforts as a member of a multi-week team to better understand how the team interacted and my role as a team member.


Team Strengths Using Survey 1 Data


I believe that one of the strongest characteristics of Team Lion’s team efforts was the ability to equalize power.  “Teams generally produce more and better ideas if all members participate.” (Adler, 2008).  In the case with the Lions, each member offered valuable insight when needed.  We all agreed to a time when we should all be accessible, considering our busy lives outside of the group.  The members of the team also shared information via face to face or electronically as needed.  When communicating ideas, edits, suggestions, and new information, the team members communicated clearly and with efficiency.

I believe that another strong characteristic of Team Lion’s efforts was their listening skill.  Whenever the team met face to face, there was a great deal of mutual respect given while sharing ideas. No one tried to talk over the other.  Even in the event that there was a debate in theories, there was mutual respect when voicing one’s point….




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