t-shirt sourcing in Mexico and China

Students will select an apparel item and research the data needed to source it globally. In completing this project, students will be able to apply the skills acquired in prior semesters, i.e., International Trade and Import / Export Regulations, etc.
a) Find two (2) different vendors in two different countries where the item can be produced
b) Explain in detail why these countries were selected, i.e., trade agreements, special duty preferences, etc.
c) Prepare a Full Value Costing comparative analysis for the item from both selected suppliers, including all necessary country specific details
d) Decide where the item should be produced and describe the management process (include a planning calendar) for the product to reach retail shelves
e) Give and substantiate your recommended retail price and approximate date of availability
1. Objective
a)  to be initiated in the basic process of sourcing in a global market
b)  to learn essential skills in sourcing, such as evaluating areas of production, assessing associated risk, costing, and process management


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