Supply Chain Management


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Assignment Topic: The integration of supply chain activities in an organisation
always has a significant impact on the bottom-line performance of a manufacturing
organization. Critically analyse how the integration of the supply chain activities impact
the effectiveness and efficiency in a real world manufacturing organization. Conduct a
SCOR analysis along with a Lean Supply Chain analysis on the chosen manufacturing
organization. Identify critical success factors and pitfalls to avoid. Provide
recommendations for all of your findings.

Assignment Brief: Working individually. You are required to consult and fully
reference a MINIMUM of 5 references from 3 different sources (e.g., book; www; journal
article from the full-text databases; current affairs magazine; newspaper etc.). The use
of WIKIPEDIA online encyclopaedia is NOT allowed. The word range of this essay is
about 1,500 words.
The article must fulfill the following requirements:
• More marks will be awarded for reports which provide more detailed discussion
and in-depth analysis with adequate referencing to the supply chain
concepts and models.
Assignment Format:
The essay should be presented as follows:
• Introduction – Outline the purpose of this essay and let the reader know what
the subject of the paper is (about 200 words). The introduction should grab the
reader’s attention, set up the issue, and lead into your essay argument.
• Body – Discuss the characteristics and methodologies of supply chain integration
management strategies in your chosen manufacturing organization (about 300 words).
Conduct a SCOR analysis (300 words), as well as a lean supply chain analysis on the
chosen organization (about 300 words). Provide recommendations for supply chain
integration, SCOR and lean supply chain analysis (300 words). Use supply chain
theories and concepts in your discussion. Despite being an essay, diagrams are
permitted to help explain concepts.
• Conclusion – Reinstate points you introduced and summarise improvement
recommendations (about 100 words)
• Referencing – All sources referred to in your essay, including any diagrams, must be
referenced to in-text and be included in a full reference list at the end of the assignment,
according to the APA system of referencing.


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