Strategy Essay: Toyota SBU Analysis

Toyota Corporation is involved in the production and distribution of automobile products in the world with over 50 production facilities in 27 countries. Toyota Headquarters are located in Japan with regional offices in other key markets. Owing to huge market presence, Toyota has become a household name in the world of automobile. Rise to prominence has been facilitated by increased product differentiation and intensive R&D involvement. However, its R&D activities facilitated the development of the Toyota Hybrid Prius plug-in model in 2009 and slightly cushioned the company from the effects of the global economic crisis. This report seeks to conduct a thorough strategic analysis of Toyota UK and recommend strategies for increased profitability and market dominance. This report will utilise Pestle, SWOT, Resource based Analysis and Bowman’s Strategy Clock as the primary analytical models. This report will further suggest the best strategy for the company to pursue in increasing revenue and profitability.

Toyota Motor Corporation is the leading automobile manufacturer in the globe (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2013). The major automotive products of the company include passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, minivans and trucks. Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational company that has established a market presence in almost every country of the globe (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2013). A record of a strong financial performance over the last few years has been a major contributor in increased market dominance.
One of the primary markets of Toyota Motor Corporation is the UK market. Over the recent past Toyota has been involved in the production and distribution of the Hybrid car products to the UK market….


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