SRA International, Inc.: Automating Compliance with Federal Inf ormation Security Requirements

Term Project:
For this assignment, you will be writing a project based on Case 5 SRA International, Inc.: Automating Compliance with
Federal Information Security Requirements,on page 115 of the text Information Security: Contemporary Cases. Also, you
will be creating a PowerPoint presentation that explains the information that you wrote in your project.
a)Write a report based on the case study, particularly addressing the questions on pages 156 and157 of the text. Please
do not provide answers to the questions with numbers; instead, write a report addressing those questions in essay format.
The written report should be at least six pages. It must use a 12-point font, single line spacing, and 1 margins (left,
right, top, and bottom). You may use articles from in the endnotes on pages 153
155 , or any additional sources if you wish. All references must be cited using APA format.
b)Create a PowerPoint presentation explaining the questions and issues
raised in the case study. The purpose of the PowerPoint is to simulate what you would use during a presentation in a work
environment to describe the suggest
ions, answers, and issues you covered in your written report .
The PowerPoint needs to be at least 17 slides long. Avoid the overuse of distracting backgrounds, make the writing
easy to read, and include only essential information in the slides.

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