Sociological Knowledge in Nursing

Sociology is the study of human social behavior, communities and society. It involves the evolution of society and human behavior and it focuses on how society can change human behavior based on interaction with each other (Bennett, B., 2009 p.2). Nursing is a health care profession which concentrates in supporting individuals, their families, and societies as a whole in preserving, attaining and improving best possible health and functioning (Kozier, et al., 2010 pp. 8-9). Sociological knowledge plays a dynamic and elementary role within nursing profession. Besides medical knowledge a nurse needs to be socially aware of a client’s social values. In today’s society, nursing goes further than focusing on health related problems to incorporate a much wider definition of both unhealthiness and individuality in our society. Sociology provides us with the information on the nature of health and sickness, details of the social causes of diseases and loss of life. It also helps directly or indirectly to produce an insightful practitioner, which then becomes proficient in informed decision m…



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