Socializing Children Into Immigrant Communities

Language and emotion are very important to human development as it creates identity and perception of the self. In addition, language and emotion are important to socialization and a person’s perception of the world. These messages are taught differently throughout the world and are influenced by the family, community and culture therefore children adapt as a result of their learned experiences (Miller and Mangelsdorf 2005). This paper focuses on research conducted by Kusserow (1999), Fung (1999) and Orellana (2001). The researchers’ methodologies differ greatly but each touches on the approach of socializing children into each culture and subculture’s teachings on acquiring various forms of language and emotion.
In De-homogenizing American individualism… Kusserow’s (1999) research questions consist of differentiating practices of teaching language and individualism among three different New York communities. These communities differ in social class and subculture. The communities include South Rockaway, a lower working class which suffers of gang violence, drug use and poverty. Bea…



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