Sexual Harassment/Assualt in the workplace


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The business world is a complex one, requiring that its participants deal with a variety of topics and myriad situations. You may be called on to research a particular topic that the business is dealing with, to be in a position to educate the company concerning the particular topic, or to advise the company on the best course of action to deal with the particular situation.
For example, diversity is a major issue for many companies; often, businesses actively seek to promote diversity and diversity acceptance in the workplace. You might imagine that you have been tasked to research the need for diversity acceptance in a specific company – maybe the company or organization that you currently work for or the one you researched for your cover letter and resume assignment. Some students may opt to write proposals to improve some component of their current workplace, such as procedures or policies. The key for success in this assignment is narrowing the scope to a specific argument that you are able to support clearly through your research and your understanding of both the audience and situation.
First, view How to Write a Research Paper – httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFoSDPRaLOk.
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