Rosenfeld, Deckard, & Blackburn, 2014

For this assignment you will be presented with an empirical study (Rosenfeld, Deckard, & Blackburn, 2014) and you will have to read through the article to describe the design and interpret the results. Specifically, I would like you to include the following pieces of information.
1. Research Design Elements: In bullet point format, please identify…
a. The Research Question(s)
b. The Independent Variable
c. The Dependent Variable
d. The Units of Analysis
2. Explain the Design: This design utilizes a randomized experiment. I would like you to add to this information by outlining the following…
a. Briefly, what are the experimental conditions? (i.e., describe to me what each group “gets” as part of the treatment package).
b. Diagram what you believe the experiment looks like in Cook and Campbell notation. For instance, a randomized experiment with a pre-test and a post-test looks like…
R O1 X O2
R O1 O2
This notation can be created by using the tab key and center alignment in an application like MS Word.
3. Random Assignment: Complete the assignment by describing the following…
a. Interpret the findings (i.e., did the treatment work as expected?).
b. Briefly explain the relevance of random assignment to the findings (i.e., because the treatment was randomly assigned, how should we feel about the internal validity of this study’s claims?)


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