Richard Esenberg’s Project of Campaign Financa Reconstruction

Marquette University’s Assistant Professor of Law, Richard Esenberg, is doubtful of the effectiveness of a project that will restructure campaign finance. He foresees the near impossibility of passage of a bill, along with many drawbacks to the attempts to miraculously restore democracy to American citizens. Although, this is a greatly debated and doubtful topic, there is hope in the power of the people. While there may be instances where wealthy donors provide a better election, in a land of the people; these people should control the few that run the government.
Esenberg’s beginning argument relies strongly on the evidence that the money spent on campaign finance is relatively small compared to “movies, automobiles, and beer”; and campaigns are arguably much more important (Esenberg, 2010). Donors purchasing influence in government have strong motives and many ways in which to make their influence present. To stop these donors, with the amount of current media outlets; is a seemingly daunting task. When it comes to the topic of Campaign Finance Reform, most will readily agree t…




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