Rescuing Communication via Surprise and Delight

Though ironically praised for its power in being able to bring people together, technology is inevitably ruining the art of raw human interaction. Many services that once required face-to-face communication have been replaced by the workings of a sort of technological machine. The in-store shopping experience is now possible on the internet. Virtual classrooms make it possible for people to learn at home in front of their computer outside of a school setting. Just the simple concept of face-to-face communication has had many tool replacements, such as phone, text message, instant message, and e-mail. Because human services are being replaced by technology, human relationships and interaction are being hugely impacted. Design is a unique ‘service’ often striving to solve problems relating to communication. The solutions to these problems generally depend on both technology and human interaction. In this world with technology rapidly growing and human interaction rapidly declining, designers hold a responsibility and exciting opportunity to change the way people interact with each o…



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