Reliability centered maintenance management of key equipment resources

Assume that you are working in an international organization which undertakes major metro rail projects in Australia, Asia and Europe. As a part of your Australia division’s improvement initiative, you are assigned to prepare detailed report on any two of the following:
a. Reliability centered maintenance management of key equipment resources;
b. RFID (i.e. radio frequency identification) based equipment asset management
c. Dependability management and life cycle costing of a specific equipment resource (you may assume any one key resource)
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info about the topic
In rail transport sector maintenance of the railway infrastructure plays a major role for its sustenance. It guarantees the availability of railway tracks and their complementary equipment for traffic regulation by providing safety of operation. Maintenance constituent a major part of the expense incurred by the railways. The moral obligation to provide safe and comfortable traveling to the passengers by keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness is becoming a hurdle to manage in this fast paced world. Passengers are expecting better service and quality at an affordable cost, forcing the Australian railway companies to optimize cost in every department. It is here that reliability centered maintenance comes into play, the Australian railway division is taking significant efforts to completely implement reliability-centered maintenance thereby, to optimize expenditure related to maintenance activities at high standards….



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