Reflective report based on the protocol of radiation dose-reduction on patients in cardiac CT scan according to the protocol of NHS

The reflexive practice is a tool that can be used to effect the professionals working in healthcare. Since its incorporation in the 1980s, the reflective practice has enabled the medical practitioners to improve their skills and knowledge through being directly involved in the treatment within the health care facilities (Jasper, 2013). The practice provides a platform for getting informed so that one can effectively apply knowledge gained in advancing their research in the medical field, enlightening other practitioners and providing treatment services in future. The reflexive practice entails three primary factors that work interactively, action, the process of reflection and original experience. In the case of failure by one of the factors, the other aspects are deemed less effective. Reflective practice has been identified as a concept for self-discovery in the world of academics. The process of self-discovery involves gaining experience, contemplating and understanding of quality healthcare practice through engagement in the facilities in which the studies are conducted. My intentions for this report is to provide a critical reflection on the necessity for minimizing radiation dosage on the patients using cardiac CT scan according to the protocol of national health services.

Protocol of minimizing radiation dosage


This paper is a discussion of the experiences I had at Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust. It entails a comprehensive discussion on practices I came across in the radiotherapy department. Radiotherapy department is among the most critical departments found in most NHS centers within Britain. The centers are involved in providing therapeutic diagnosis and treatments to patients of heart diseases. I decided to concentrate on the health benefits and effects of exposure to radiation during cardiac computer tomography (CT) sc…



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