Reflection on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Case Analysis

During the classwork covered in the first week, we studied about the contributions of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to the modern technology with their Microsoft and Apple computers respectively. The discussions entailed critical exploration on their distinct leadership styles, management approaches, visions and strategies of successful organization performance. Both leaders designed their products encompassing innovation and creativity which has led to the development of strong brands that have captured global market share (Conger, 2008). These two iconic entrepreneurs significantly are the founders and CEOs of world’s leading computer technology powerhouses (Shah & Mulla, 2013). Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have revolutionized the modern technology which has transformed the methods of conducting global business.

It was exciting to learn that Bill Gates’ vision was to increase the usage of computers all over the world while Steve Jobs vision was to create simple and great products that would help advance human beings. Bill Gates vision was different from Steve Jobs vision in that; Bill Gates wanted to establish a software brand while Steve Jobs’ vision was to build a hardware brand (Shah & Mulla, 2013). I found out that Bill Gates embraced the participative style of leadership while Steve Jobs preferred an autocratic style of leadership. Bill Gates style of leadership allow….



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