Reflection of Feeling

The two primary values that I find readily applicable in my life both at the professional level and social life are listening and cordiality. These special skills were inculcated in me through experiences I have had in my childhood days. During my childhood, I learned many attributes from my mother and environment I grew up in, Brooklyn neighborhoods, and the lessons have been practically effective in my education and career as a care practitioner. My experiences during upbringing have enabled me to embrace the importance of family, value open communication between family members and use of personal experiences to help other people, especially in counselling. I think addressing the issue of transference among the clients is my primary concern in the profession. When the clients transfer their past feelings and problems to the current relationship, it affects the counselling process as the events may interfere with the normal life of the clients. Instead of taking the recent events positively, the clients in most cases take a blame and associate the events to the present misfortunes. My personal and professional experiences have enabled me to be knowledgeable and skillful on listening and project appropriate solutions.

I was brought up in a family of four, a single mother and two brothers. I can imagine how difficult it must have been for my mother to provide for us all single-handedly, considering the lack of financial or emotional support, the role a father plays in the family. Chang, Scott & Decker (2013), asserts that the goal of a practitioner understands what the clients feel by positioning oneself in their situations. The experiences I have had during my childhood enable me to emphatic to my clients as a counselor. Additionally, the skills of listening attentively, acquiring knowledge and responding respectively help me in delivering quality service to my clients. Mother provided us with a conducive environment where we learned the importance of appreciating the little we have and being grateful t…



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