Rapid technological development in Oman

The rapid technological development in Oman has helped improve the growth of enterprises in the service industry. One of the effective ways of connecting with the fans of Atana Hotel is utilizing the recent technology such as Instagram to increase customer interactions. In this idea, I intend to research on the impact of marketing on the Instagram. The organization needs to determine its target market, the feasibility of the Instagram technology among its consumers and the costs to be incurred in the entire process. The management can implement the idea by first opening an account on the Instagram for the hotel and inform its fans to follow them. Constant updating the activities of the hotel will help create awareness of the hotel which will help attract more clients and create customer loyalty. The idea of integrating the current technology, Instagram, in promoting the products offered by the business is an effective way of reaching the consumers. One can also inform the new customers to the active presence of Atana Hotel in the social media via flyers, notice within the hotel and at customer desks. Instagram can be an effective tool of sensitizing the followers (fans) on the services offered by the hotel and collect their reviews. I intend to conduct an interview, observing and experimentation to identify how people perceive the idea (Verschuren, Doorewaard, & Mellion, 2010).

Social media has contributed to consistent of the Atana Hotel. The hotel has focused on advertising through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Concerning this idea, I intend to carry out research on the impact of the social media on the Atana Hotel. Some of the research tools I plan to use are observation, interviewing, online questionnaires and collecting data from secondary sources. The Atana hotel will hav….



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