Proper Communication is the Core of Corporate Correspondeces

I came across a memo several days ago and begun to read. Once, twice, thrice and at the nth time, I gave up. I had to call the author of the memo and discuss what she wrote. This is a sample of a memo that just did not work. What is communication when you can’t understand one another? The importance of effective communication in a business should never be taken lightly. In fact, effective communication must be given considerable attention. Unfortunately, communication skills seem to be a scarce commodity nowadays.

Business communication at a glance:
The topic on business communication is broad. So let’s focus on internal business writing. This is communication within the company. How people write correspondences reflect the type of employees the company retains. Moreover, it shows the level of professionalism within the organization. Sad to say, many still need to learn how to write a letter properly.

The face of corporate correspondence has drastically changed in recent times. The fax machine and the telephone, though still used, are replaced by e-mails, instan…

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