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Hospice Care Nurse
Definitions of palliative care, hospice care, DNR orders, and end-of-life care
Hospice care is a model of care that focuses on relieving symptoms and supporting patients with a life expectancy of six months or less (Altshuler, 2013). For most nurses, caring for a dying elder (individual aged 65 years and above) is a discrete, time-limited experience that begins with first contact, often in a hospital, emergency room, or long term care facility, and ends with the death itself (Phillips & Reed, 2008).
Palliative care, somewhat similar to Hospice care, focuses on relieving or preventing suffering from a life altering illness. The goal for both Palliative and Hospice care is to provide the best possible quality of life to patients and their families. Palliative care can also be described as a philosophy of care, or a system of delivering care (Altshuler, 2013).
DNR orders are “do not resuscitate” orders that are written by doctors at the request of their patients, or patient’s legal guardian. It gives direction to health care providers to not perform cardiopulmonary…



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