Professional Communication Skills

Effective communication is essential when working with a client. There are many ways a communication can go wrong. Good communication is a major component of collaboration and collaborating with the client is what a professional should be working towards. The purpose of this discussion is to demonstrate effective communication using one scenario. The scenario, in this case, is as follows:
“”Elvita has decided to leave an abusive relationship, but she feels guilty leaving her abuser’s children behind. She talks about how she knows that once she leaves, she cannot have any more contact with the children; and she is worried about how that will affect these children whom she has come to love and wants to protect.”
(Summers, 2009, p. 149)
Effective communication will be demonstrated by identifying good responses and poor responses, listening and responding, asking questions, bringing up difficult issues, addressing and disarming anger, and the effective combination of skills.
Good communication skills are a highly important skill for any professional, especially those who w…



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