Potential Barriers to Effective Communication

Communication; in the form of speech is a very powerful tool that’s used by everyone. It can be used by major powers tom dictate opinion; it is used by businesses to conduct business transactions, deals etc. And it’s also used by the average person
A barrier is an obstacle that keeps people apart and prevents them from communicating effectively; so there are many barriers that stop people from communicating effectively.
Sometimes personality can be a major problem for communicating effectively as some people are not always willing to communicate; and would rather trust their own opinions than listen to anyone else. For example, some people have very overpowering personalities and try to force their opinions onto other people. Also their are people who aren’t able to communicate with others as they may
Disability can be a huge barrier to effective communication; but this largely depends on what disability the person has. For example, if the person with the disability was deaf, other people would have to communicate with him using sign language. Another exa…



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