Postoperative Care for Surgical Patient

Postoperative care in nursing practice refers to the process of providing care to the patients after undergoing a surgery. The surgical patients are often in need of special attention of the caregivers after the operation. The caregivers ensure there is safety of the nursing practices during treatment process, continuous healing and minimize chances of other infections that may arise from the surgical operation (Ibrahim, 2013). Furthermore, postoperative care is necessary in reducing the possible complications that may result from the surgery. Therefore, the importance of postoperative care is manifested in the case where the nurses offer care services to the patients during hospital stay after surgical operations to ensure fast recovery, improve quality of caregiving and reduce chances of further infections. In this paper, a case of Fred Brown is discussed as a case study to illustrate how postoperative care can be administered to ensure fast recovery for a patient who has undergone a surgery. The appropriate nursing actions offered to Fred, who had undergone a knee replacement surgical operation have been discussed. The paper has also detailed the emerging complications that may emanate from the operation and how effective is postoperative care in curbing such instances. The application of nursing practices to the surgical patients is very effective as the practices are evidence based for health care improvement and their contribution to caregiving is significant in helping in the recovery of patients.

After a surgical operation, it is common for the patients to experience pain especially with variance in incision size and position, psychological factors and internal manipulation (Imani, 2011). The necessity for patient care at thi…



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