Police Ethics

Task: Ethics Essay
Step 1: Watch video (Time: from beginning to 4 mins. 21 seconds – stop at the point where the officers return to the station and begin interviewing)
The Bill Series 24 Episode 20 Corrupted Part 1
Synopsis of video:
When Will, Ben, Callum and Sally [Armstrong] are called to a disturbance at a nightclub, Sally ends up being rescued from a brawl by Andrew Tipping, an undercover officer. Tipping works at another station and Sally later learns he was the instigator of the disturbance and is in possession of cocaine. When he appeals to her to cover for him she makes a split-second decision that puts her career on the line.
Video link: httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu8pcCYgVPo
Step 2: Applying your learning and using relevant readings and resources from your (Ethics) studies, write an essay of approx 1200 words (10% only under or over is acceptable) that addresses the following questions/points:
1. Based upon your studies so far in relation to ethics in policing and the morally corrosive nature of police work, what ethical issues were faced by Constable Sally Armstrong in the video (10 marks);
2. Explain how the ethical dilemmas and complexities of policing (eg. police culture, loyalty, police power and authority, and the morally corrosive nature of police work) effected the behaviour of Constable Sally Armstrong (35 marks);
3. Discuss how the NSWPF Standards of Professional Conduct and Oath of Office promote ethical decision making by police officers and help create a police culture that is resistant to corruption. Consider how adhering to these standards might have led to a different outcome in the video (35 marks);

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