Interventions to reduce interruptions during medication

In everyday life in health care environments, interruptions and distractions have been a threat to human performance and safety. An interruption may happen when a healthcare provider is distracted during a high-risk task such as administering or prescribing medication. Distractions from ringing telephones, alarms or computerised alerts, or a question asked by a colleague are some of the major interruptions available in a healthcare setting. Even outside road construction can lead to high levels of interruption due to noises that are as a result of vehicles, people and machines….

In order to address the problem of interruptions and distractions, a number of interventions have been found. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) produced a number of recommendations which could minimise the occurrence of these interruptions. For example, establishing a no interruption zone (NIZ), ensuring a do not disturb approach, educating the staff about the risks associated with distractions either from mobile phones or other forms of noise (Trbovich & Patricia, 2010)….



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