Personality Case Study

The goal of this paper is to identify the primary forces that shaped a particular individual’s personality. Your analysis must draw from at least two of the personality perspectives studied in this course (psychoanalytic, humanistic, trait, cognitive, behavioral/social/ biological) thus allowing you the opportunity to synthesize multiple viewpoints into a comprehensive analysis.
This assignment will enable you to practice applying the personality theories you have been studying to a particular person, real or fictional. Begin by identifying one or more aspects of that person that sets him or her apart—qualities that make that individual unique. Then consider how the different perspectives or schools of thought might interpret the trait in question. For example, you may want to ask yourself: “How would a Behaviorist (Freudian, etc.) describe the key reasons why this person acts the way he or she does? What sort of explanations would they look for?” You may find it helpful to focus on a particular theorist (e.g., Carl Rogers) rather than a more general school of thought (e.g., Humanist).
It is recommended that you comb through the information you have about your case study, looking for clues about important formative event. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers to an assignment like this (though some answers are better supported by evidence than others (hint hint!)) Be sure to cite specific examples or observations to support your conclusions wherever possible.
Selecting a Case Study:
Choose an individual for your personality analysis from one of the following sources: novels, biographies, movies (e.g., Shine, Ordinary People), or personal contacts (self-analysis is permitted). When picking a subject for your case study, keep in mind that you will need sufficiently detailed information about that person’s life history to be able to piece together a meaningful analysis of the primary influences on his or her personality. Many movies do not go into enough detail to be appropriate. Be sure that your source(s) provides enough information for you to be able to conduct the analysis. Also, please keep in mind that certain perspectives require specific information about the individual (e.g., if you want to do a Cognitive analysis you will need to have some idea of how the person thinks). Please check with your instructor if you have any questions.
Use relevant terminology wherever possible.
Be sure to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the perspectives you employ.
Cite specific examples or observations to support your conclusions wherever possible.
Grading Standards:
“A” Work:
Provides adequate supporting arguments, evidence, examples, and details (35 points.);
Fully responds to the assignment (20 pts);
Is well-organized, well-presented, and uses appropriate language (20pts);
Correctly acknowledges and documents sources (use APA style; see the following link for more information:
httpss://www.cod.edu/library/research/citenet.htm) (10pts);
Shows originality and creativity in realizing (1.) through (3.) (5 pts);
Begins and ends effectively (5 pts);
Is free of errors in format, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and is typed (5pts)
“B” Work:
Realizes the above points competently but with minor errors or flaws


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