Paul A. Samuelson was the Last Generalist of Economics

Paul A. Samuelson, one of the men who made Harvard’s reputation, made various contributions to modern economics. Samuelson brought numerous theories to the table, showing that math is an effective and necessary component of understanding economics. Furthermore, he discovered a new obstacle regarding inflation, known as “cost-push” inflation. But most importantly, Paul A. Samuelson has shown that economic theories can be timeless, however their implementation evolves around the current economic circumstances that are in play.

Samuelson was born on May 15, 1915. It can be inferred that he was intelligent; he enrolled in the University of Chicago at the age of sixteen. The beginning of his love for economics, or as he stated, his rebirth, started at 8:00 a.m on January 2, 1931, when he attended a lecture on Malthus’ economic theory. During the lecture, he was astounded by his ability to comprehend economic equations to the point where he suspected that he was “missing out on some mysterious complexity.” (Samuelson)

Following his graduation from the University of Chicago, in 193…





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