Oversexualization in the Media

Imagine you are bored one day in the early morning. You reach for your favorite magazine, the newest edition of the widely recognized Vogue magazine. On the cover, as always, there is a gorgeous woman. She is dressed in a gold, sparkly, dress (which probably costs more than what you make in a year) and in even more expensive and fancy heels. Her hair and makeup are obviously professionally done, and she looks absolutely beautiful sprawled out on a large bed provocatively with a rabbit on either side. And then you realize something, this isn’t a women you are looking at; it’s a girl – a 10 year old at that! (“10-Year Old Vogue Model: Pretty or Pretty Weird?”).
Instantly you become repulsed and ashamed of the thoughts you had about the woman in this photo mere seconds ago (that is, before you realized exactly how young and innocent this girl actually is). These emotions are followed almost immediately by disgust and astonishment towards the photo shoot, and several alarming questions start to form in your head – why did Vogue chose such a young model? Why is she dressed so inap…



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