When you work in the medical field as a nurse it is a very rewarding career. Having a passion or desire to take care of the sick or needy is a clear choice to pursue a career in nursing. As an individual who has this passion I understand the benefits and heartfelt content that comes with being a nurse. There are many men and woman out there that share the same passion and kind heartedness that I have. They are rewarded with smiles and hugs and from knowing they helped an individual or family through a hardship or sickness.
R.N.s or Registered nurses are the professionals who specialize in the care and support of patients in various medical settings. They perform a variety of tasks from assisting doctors, administering medications, and monitoring patients. To get more insight on being an R.N., or Registered Nurse, I got the chance to ask an R.N. who works in a hospital setting a few questions about her career. I first asked her what led to her interest in nursing. She proceeded to tell me that she had a younger brother which had severe asthma and numerous allergies and that he req…




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